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Fellow Horsemen and Horsewomen,

We are facing a legislative crisis in Idaho. Over controlling elected Representatives in our State are focused on harming our Industry and other industries of our State. Their organized efforts are overpowering many of our good elected Representatives and taking away our votes. Our Industry is about to be harmed by their efforts.

It is essential we “call” members of our House of Representatives and ask each of them to support (Senate Bill) S B 1178. This is a simple housekeeping bill of our Industry that allows it to reallocate its own money to pay the expense of the Race Commission that is required by law. Because we have a State required Race Commission the allocation of Industry funds are part of legislation passed by the Industry. This bill simply changes the amount going to cover expenses of the commission.

Our Industry has a Two Billion Dollar economic impact on Idaho’s economy and gives money to our schools. Harming the Industry directly impacts our communities, fairgrounds and youth of our State.

We need to deal with overzealous and controlling individuals in our Legislature but we do that at the ballot box. Right now we need to call our Representatives and ask them to support Senate Bill 1178. This is simple but very essential phone call and generally you leave a message requesting them to support the bill. Be courteous and identify yourself. Your involvement will go far in helping this and other Horse Industry related issues in our state.

You can use the following link to find Representatives phone numbers.

Who’s My Legislator?

Idaho Horse Council

The Idaho Horse Council was organized in 1975 with the purpose of creating a united front representing horse organizations, individual horse owners, and others involved with the horse industry in Idaho.

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